50 to photograph

50 to photograph

*update* started mine “here in flickr”:http://www.flickr.com/photos/jimmyliew/sets/72157625930746971/

Was asked once whether I’ll have any plans when it comes to photography in 2011. My reply was to simply shoot more. Baby steps.

Then yesterday afternoon, I did have my camera with me but all I did was to whip out my iPhone and use “Instagram”:http://instagram.heroku.com/users/75917 to shoot some random building facade. Felt underachieving.

Then this came to mind. We all are familiar with the photo 365 project where you attempt to take and post at least ONE photo a day. I tried in “2010″:http://www.flickr.com/photos/jimmyliew/sets/72157622986661713/ and stopped at day 33. It had become a snap a random object, throw in some arty filter and declare that it’s photo #xx. I guess having a daily routine that goes from home -> mrt -> office -> mrt -> gym/groccery run/home didn’t help for that project.

So I have a plan.

To make it more achievable, I’ll keep my project scope small…not take a photo EVERYDAY. But how about this:

h3. A few simple rules

Take 50 photos where each photo needs to have something related to that number. Say photo #35 needs to have something related to 35 – be it the number itself, or 35 objects …

So for example the image above this – works in the literal sense for photo #162 … but well we ain’t going beyond 50. But you get the idea.

Another way a photo can be accepted is if it is a _symbolic representation_ of the number. For example, the photo above of the 4 X’mas tree can be taken as photo #4. Get the drift yet?

h3. So where’s the “BUT”?

But #1 – numbers MUST NOT be “staged”.
But #2 – numbers shown/represented must be the EXACT number. Photo with “46″ cannot be used for photo #4 and photo #6.
But #3 – photos MUST NOT be related. Example photo #3 shows a table top with the number 3 and photo #45 shows another table with number 45. FAIL!

Can’t think of anymore BUTs …

So – 50 photos, no time limit. Take them, put it in Flickr or somewhere that can display all 50 photos at a time, and then post your link in the comments below.

Some examples of posting your links:
* if photos are in Flickr, create a set and link to that set
* if photos are in your blog, create a tag for your posts and link to that tag

h3. Prizes?

No. Unless someone sponsors. But after 50 photos, you’ll get the utmost satisfaction that you took 50 photos this year. :)

Game on?

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