Dear Leader

By on Apr 27, 2011 in life | 0 comments

It’s almost a month since I moved up the food chain in the company to become a team leader for one of the three country teams in our office. Felt honoured and at the same time apprehensive when I was invited to take up the new role. Till date, all my jobs had me working independently or in a team, but never leading and managing a team. It had been almost twelve years since I stepped into my first office back in Far East Square as a green horn web designer. Fast forward few years, my career is like a tour of duty in the advertising world: web designer » project executive » production manager » account manager. I wonder where next I will be? This new role will be a great learning experience. Managing oneself is drastically different from managing others. Hopefully, I can be like some of the awesome people I had worked under. For now I know that I have a great team...